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In this two-sided project, I had the opportunity to create the visual identity for the collaboration between BLCK BNNS and Pal Mundo.


My responsibilities centered around designing merchandise that would be at the heart of the collaboration and visualizing the campaign both online and offline, including an early merchandise drop in-store activation. Drawing inspiration from the distinct brand identities and the lively Latin target audience of Pal Mundo, I infused the campaign with the warm spirit of a Latin come together. The merchandise I designed resonated with this theme, featuring color combinations that reflected the energy and passion of Latin culture.


The other side of the project involved creating an installation for BLCK BNNS (distinct from the collaboration identity) at the Pal Mundo festival, in collaboration with Phuc Pho (project manager at BLCK BNNS). My responsibilities included shaping the vision for the installation as well as handling the visual branding."

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