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Ik voel me bevrijd
Van de mistige waas,
Waar ooit gevangene
Dansde Met Medusa.

Exploring interdisciplinary approaches to bridging art and design with the art of movement.



Behind The Process of a


For my graduation project at the Willem de Kooning Academy (WDKA), I embarked on an ambitious research initiative to pioneer a new artistic movement named Movement Design. This interdisciplinary approach bridges art & design with the arts of movement, aiming to heighten societal awareness of the body’s emotional and expressive values, as reflected in body language.

The culmination of this research became a poetry bundle, “Soms Spreek Ik Zonder Te Praten” (Sometimes I Speak Without Talking), a multidisciplinary project that fuses dance, videography, photography, poetry, and music into a cohesive narrative. In this endeavor, I composed a series of poems and crafted the accompanying music, which served as the foundation for the choreographed movements. The project guides the reader through a rich emotional landscape, exploring the nuances of shame, panic, fear, loneliness, sorrow, anger, and uncertainty.

I invite viewers to delve deeper than the surface context of the poems. I encourage them to engage with the emotional resonance that permeates both the lyrical and visual elements. “Soms Spreek Ik Zonder Te Praten” is more than a collection of artistic expressions—it is an open invitation to explore, recognize, and celebrate the intricate dance of our emotions and the transformative power of art to express and make sense of them.

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