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My responsibilities were diverse and deeply integrated into the fabric of the brand’s campaign.

As the lead creative designer for the Black Bananas Fall/Winter 2023 Collection "Work Of Art", I had the exciting opportunity to steer the creative direction of a multifaceted campaign. 


Crafting the Narrative (campaign video): I took on the task of creative writing, channeling the collection’s themes into a script that would resonate as a manifesto for the creative souls out there. It’s about sparking that drive and leading the charge.


Orchestrating the Sound (campaign video): On the lookout for a voice that could carry the story,

I sought a narrator with a baritone richness and a rhythmic flow, steering clear of the typical ad voiceover feel. After sifting through demos, I set the stage with backdrop music and soundscapes that would elevate our narrative.


Visual Storytelling (campaign video): For the first pitch to Wesley Balnikker, the creative force of Black Bananas, I played just the audio—letting the narrated words, music, and soundscapes paint the picture. It struck the right chord, leading us to our chosen voice. Next, I crafted a storyboard that would translate a hero’s journey through contrasting visuals—from the raw edges of city life to the esteemed halls of art.

Visual Identity & Campaign Strategy: together with my Graphic team I developed a visual language that not only reflected the collection’s aesthetic but also the philosophy behind it. This involved a careful blend of imagery, typography, and color schemes that would speak to the theme of the collection and the brand’s spirit.

Social Media Engagement: Understanding the power of social media in today’s digital landscape, I crafted content that would showcase the collection in a BTS (behind the scene) kind of way. To show the process behind productions and the creation of a product.

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